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4 Front Car Sales London Remarkable Five Star Review by Satified-Customer
020 8857 1234 4 FRONT CAR SALES London reviews Excellent Review
I recently see a mercedes advertised on the internet which was at 4front car sales, I enquired about the car on the phone and arranged a viewing and test drive .Upon arrival I was amazed at how many cars were at this garage and near enough all in order and well presented. I was greeted by the salesman who then showed me the mercedes ,the car looked amazing and was exactly what I was looking for and colour I wanted,there was no hard sell or pressure which I have found previously at other garages, and in next to no time I was driving off in my new car very happy :), a big thankyou to all the staff at 4front car sales for making the whole process so easy. That deserves 5 stars. 
Happy Customer review_2882397
550 Sidcup Road

Post by dillonjevon (2015-07-22 05:36)

Tags: 4 Front Car Sales Reviews

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